djpoe (djpoe) wrote,

it's gonna be one of those long nights

This makes August seem soooooo far away.

Inventory at the HT tonight, ugh. I'm going in at 6 tonight and I'm scheduled until 2:30AM...but yesterday my DM told me to plan to stay until 4AM. There's nothing I'd rather do than to count shit until all hours of the wee morning. I'll probably still be there when Melissa gets back from Symmetry...which is really where I'd rather be. So right now, I'm relaxing until go-time. Just soaked in a hot bath for about an hour and now I'm all pruny but it's one thing that I truly enjoy doing. Good stress reliever for me. Thinking about food now. There's a pizza place down the street from me that serves pizza slices as big as a Buick and a soda for 2.75...sounds yummy. So I think I'm gonna mosey. I'll probably be wired as all hell when I get in tomorrow morning (!), so i may be writing some random ramblings when the sun comes up.
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