djpoe (djpoe) wrote,

does it make me unmanly...

to not like football? Everyone here is in Bears mode. I simply have never cared for the game so I'm having a day of movies...maybe some classic Spiderman cartoons are in order. I may do some well needed grocery shopping...this may be the best time to go since everyone is at home watching da bears so no annoying long lines.

So...I can't believe that I was at work for that long last night/this morning. Something that was originally planned to take like 8 hours turned into 15. The only reason this happened was because the inventory team (Regis) did a botched job and we wound up having to recount EVERYTHING. They also showed up 2 hours late which didn't help matters. There were talks of rescheduling to Sunday (today), and I wish we would have done that honestly. It would have gone a little more smooth. I tell you what though, my sleep schedule is really messed up now. Going to bed at the time that I wake up normally does not a happy panda make. I've got the rest of the day off, so some relaxing action is definitely in order. At least inventory is done and I don't have to worry about it again until June.

Oh, and Chris? You can have a My Chemical Romance shirt if you want, but I've already picked out a Fall Out Boy shirt for you...I heard they are really your favorite.
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