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the countdown has begun....

to complete dorky bliss! In roughly 24 hours, I will be watching the midnight premier of Spiderman 3. I will most likely be hooting and hollering along with everyone else there, well because I have been a Spidey fan ever since I can remember. I contemplated wearing my Spidey shirt tomorrow, but I don't want to be "that guy", you know the guy who wears the band t-shirt of the band that he is watching perfom...I guess the same goes for movies. But you know, I don't care. This is my time to completely dork out, so I'll probably wear some sort of Spidey garb. Make fun of me all you want, but I already know I'm a geek. I'm also looking forward to the Spiderman birthday and Christmas with all the new awesome stuff out. God, am I five years old or what?

The countdown has also begun for the move to a different time zone. 3 more months to get through and I get to see my panda every day! I'm excited for this, lots of opportunity, lots of big things on the horizon (some of you already know about that), and lots of change for the better. It'll be a rough move, but it'll be worth it to see all my friends again. If it weren't for Melissa, I wouldn't have much to look forward to. I am so in love....

Oh yeah, and I finally got my submission in for Eccentrik. I'll be there anyway, but I'm hoping to get a slot. I'll have more details about my goings on soon. It's been far too long since I've updated this thing, hope all is well with you

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