djpoe (djpoe) wrote,

tagged from Vitae

Culinary guilt: Italian Beef sandwiches from Portillos
Explain yourself: Simply the best sandwich I've ever had...and it will be missed

Literary guilt: Biographies on musicians, especially 80's metal, and pop culture
Explain yourself: I enjoy reading about how fucked up people's lives are, I guess it's a little therapeutic. And pop culture? Easy reading for the laundromat and airplanes. Keeps my attention.

Television guilt: American Idol
Explain yourself: Because I'm a dork

Movie guilt: Zombie movies
Explain yourself: Mindless blood and gore...BRING IT ON!!!!!

Musical guilt: Y'know, I'm gonna have to also go with the Rent Soundtrack
Explain yourself: It's just such a sad story with great music. I usually pop it in on my way to DJ an event. And it reminds me of driving to the Voltaire show in Charlotte with Melissa

Celebrity guilt: Rosario Dawson, and Kate Winslet
Explain yourself: Rosario just has a natural charm to her, and I've been a fan Kate Winslet ever since Titanic.

I tag: EVERYONE! BE HONEST- that's what makes it fun.
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