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something witty here:

I hope to be updating on this thing a little more frequently as I will soon be seeing many of the people on my friends list more frequently in the next month or so.

Wow, I can't believe that a year and a half has gone by so quickly. I moved back "home" to Chicago in March of 06 seeking a rekindled life. Not much happened here in that time except for treading water. Hot Topic,...meh, just a job, but the biggest thing I have here. It wasn't long before Melissa came into my life, and here it is, one month before I move back to the Carolinas, and start my life with her. Some people here call me crazy, but I think it's the definite right thing for me. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with.

Lease on apartment in Raleigh - signed

Truck company to move my shit - booked for 7/27

Dracula's Daughter and DJing - I'll be there soon enough to bring it, and you all know I'll make a big noise.

Eccentrik - won't be DJing the event, but I'll be spinning for the meet and greet. YOU HAD BETTER FRIGGIN' BE THERE!!!!!!

Hot Topic - gears are in motion to get me a store in Raleigh...or somewhere, should know soon

Melissa - with me for life

It seems that all gears are in motion. One thing at a time I always say

Here's to my new be continued

PS...Mr me
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