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my moving experience commences. Get a load of this

Here's why I despise moving companies:

1) They charged me $200 more because I added like 7 boxes, fuckers

2) They originally told me that they would arrive today between 2 and 6...then 4 to 7....they showed up at 10fucking30. I WASTED MY ENTIRE DAY WAITING FOR THESE CREEPS

3) they take a look at my stuff, then say that some things need to be crated up, which is an extra $200. My stuff isn't worth that much so I said no thank you. They were really laying it on thick about how much protection crates will give. I politely told them to just put my shit on the truck.

4) They were going to charge me $5 for a roll of tape...and they wanted to use 10 of them. I have tape, but they wouldn't use it. They get to the truck only to find out that they forgot their tape. OK, not my fucking problem. They said that they were going back to the warehouse to get some, but they were still going to charge me. I then went to Walgreens to buy some $2 a roll. Fuckers

5) 3 of the 5 movers had been drinking, a lot. They smelled like a damn brewery.

My shit finally gets on the truck, and it comes time to pay them half of the balance. I go to use my card when they mention that it's an extra 3% to use a card.....nothing was told to me about that BS beforehand. Actually, none of the extra charges were mentioned when I was given the estimate. If I would have known that, I would have gone elsewhere. I am thoroughly disgusted and horribly dissatisfied with this company. Moving Out (based out of Tampa, FL)...don't use 'em.

And the kicker is, I purposely asked for them to come a few days before I leave so I can have the truck there when I arrive, or very soon afterwards. They said that they need up to 10 days to deliver.

I'm so going to register a complaint with this place. Very unprofessional, and very sneaky

I'm going to bed
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