djpoe (djpoe) wrote,

Top 10 CD's of 2007

Every year I think about all the great music that was released and try to compile a list of the 10 best in my opinion. I invite everyone else to post their thoughts as well.

And now, in no particular order (except for the #1)

1) Foo Fighters: Echoes Silence Patience and Grace. A wonderfully personal and emotional effort from them. I have always appreciated their song writing, and Dave Grohl is truly a musician's musician. Am I losing goth points yet?

2) Assemblage 23: Meta.
3) Acumen Nation: Psycho The Rapist
4) DJ? Acucrack: Humanoids From the Deep
5) Between the Buried and Me: Colors
6) Soilwork: Sworn to a Great Divide
7) Combichrist: What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People? (sorry Calhoun)
8) Skinny Puppy: Mythmaker
9) Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero - Remixed
10) Dillinger Escape Plan: Ire Works

Biggest disappointment:
NIN - Year Zero: Not worth all the hype..but the remixes were awesome...
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