djpoe (djpoe) wrote,

it's like losing a friend...

My DJ gear has kicked the bucket. Remember? The gear that was stolen 3 years ago? I was spinning last night and got through about an hour until the decks decided that they didn't want to read CD's anymore. I fucked around with them (even taking them apart) to see if I could figure out what the hell was wrong with them, but couldn't figure anything out. How embarrassing to be the center of attention (it was a surprisingly good night) and then to have your equipment say "I quit". Fortunately, Jim had his Ipod with him so he played songs for the rest of the night.

My question is, since my gear is pretty old (American DJ DJ-1's), would it be more cost efficient to get them repaired or to just bite the bullet and get new decks? I'm going to have to get new decks eventually, but I really can't afford it now, so just wondering if anyone knows on average how much repairs run on DJ gear. This is the first set of decks that I purchased, so they hold some sentimental value to me.

This was the final straw for a really shitty week with not a lot of good news. Not good at all.
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